Our mission is to point more unsaved Christian Men and Women to GOD,  far and wide, in America and the world, into becoming “saved for salvation” Men & Women of God. By spreading the Word to more men and women, we know that the Holy Spirit will then guide them into becoming better fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, sons, daughters and community advocates of righteousness. Once the seed (the Word)  is planted, GOD will provide the way, the grace, and the mercy.

     The newspaper is distributed complimentary at churches, Christian venues  and events, waiting rooms wherever available, including, but not limited to;   hospitals, dentist, daycare, health & beauty spas, barber shops, beauty salons, and various businesses in each city; wherever a high concentration of  saved and unsaved patronize. When they see the Christian Men and Women newspapers, they will pick the newspapers up, thereby increasing their faith by seeing and hearing the Word, as well as seeing the advertisers & then supporting their businesses and congregations along the way.  Simultaneously targeting the unsaved, the paper’s objective is to increase the faith of those who are already believers but love to read, hear, and see the Word as much as possible. Iron sharpens iron! 

Special Introductory & Charter Rates. If advertiser purchases an ad for three or more consecutive issues, their rates will be permanently locked in and will never change. If you are the first to advertise in your category, your ad will be placed first, if second, your ad will be the second ad in that category placed etc. 1-2 Clients landed from your Ad earns back your Ad Investment-All other clients landed is name recognition, visibility, branding, and profit for your Company. Ask about our article tie-ins with your Company in a Q/A or an industry-related article published in the magazine for a more personal connection and relationship building opportunity with potential clients. You will also receive a substantial discount if you order  a  3, 6, and 12-month advertisement commitment or pay in full, a 3, 6 or 12-month advertising commitment. Advertising Please Call: Don – 214-773-8478

Our Team



Robb graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in Journalism and Business Administration. Robb also has an MBA from Baylor University. Robb has over 10-years of magazine, book and newspaper production experience. His expertise is overseeing the production of magazine launches and books from concept, manuscript, adaption and seeing it into completion as a high-quality, printed, audio and digital book and magazine



Don is Publisher and Editorial Director of Carlyle Publishing LLC. Don has been in the publishing business for over 20-years, including creating and overseeing dozens of magazines, newspapers and book ventures and is the Publisher and Editorial Director for Carlyle Books. Don also has written, directed and produced documentaries and feature films, with the first feature film to be released in late 2024.



Ava is a native of Belize and is based in our New York office. Ava has degrees in Architecture, Fashion Design and Journalism and speaks seven-languages. Ava acts as Editorial Director for African American Filmmaker Journal, American Beauty Queen and Biracial magazines. Ava also writes music and scores documentaries and films.